Former Ohio State University Basketball Captain Rick Smith had accumulated 30 years of standout experience in the competitive commercial real estate industry when a question came to mind:  How great could a commercial real estate firm be if it was free of the burdens of legacy systems and legacy thinking?”

   Smith Realty Partners is his answer.  It is an organization to which he has recruited only the best, including partners and team members with broad and successful experience in the commercial real estate marketplace, and a network of partnering organizations that are stars in their respective fields.

   The firm is full-service providing commercial real estate investment counsel, brokerage, leasing and aquisition services and more.  Its professional experience and services are best-in-class.  But Smith Realty Services was founded to move beyond those minimal requirements.

   Internally, its uniquely open and forthcoming environment fosters loyalty that translates to a level of energy and a freedom to act on the client’s behalf that otherwise could never be achieved.  Externally, the partner’s reputation throughout Ohio and beyond, and the personal, human touch that characterizes their dealings with clients, tenants, vendors and peer organizations earns respect and praise.

   For clients, these tangible and intangible qualities set Smith Realty Partners apart from and above the crowd.  For Rick Smith and his team, it is only the beginning.