Sales and Leasing

Knowledge of the market place is good, but when it comes to sales and leasing, knowledge in the marketplace is even better.  A similar rule applies to the issue of experience.  Long experience in the Ohio marketplace is good.  Long experience plus reputation and renown is even better.  Smith Realty Partners was founded to bring that combination to the fore.  We don’t count on listing services, we rely on a deep team knowledge of properties and prospects that offer what you need.  And our approach is just that – a team approach.  At Smith Realty Partners, where collegiality is a core value, delivering success is not merely a single individual’s responsibility.  It is our organization’s promise – a promise that applies to landlords and tenants alike.

Landlord Representation:

At Smith Realty Partners the point is not merely to meet the need, but to stay ahead of the game.  To that end, our systems, strategies and region-wide broker relationships are designed to keep the pipeline full of prospects and potential tenants.  In negotiating leases and facilitating occupancy, our approach is focused on building tenant relationships that last.

Tenant Representation:

Smith Realty Partners is an expert in the commercial real estate industry.  Our approach and professional relationships keep us informed on what is available and we serve as your advocate in securing the best possible space in the best possible place and at the best possible price.  We can oversee the tailoring of the space to meet your specific needs and we keep in touch to make sure that your satisfaction level remains high.


Investment Advisory

When it comes to commercial real estate investment, we are living in interesting times.  But when you know the commercial real estate marketplace as we do, you also know that on a case-by-case basis, someone is out there looking to buy a property and someone else equally eager to sell it.  Listing services is a starting point, but only that.  Knowledge of the marketplace and the players populating that marketplace are what count.  We do not work for our clients, we work with them until the job is done.  Some might think that the difference between for and with is a matter of semantics.  Our firm was founded on the time-proven conviction that when it comes to results, working together with the client is the only way to go.



From site selection through project completion, Smith Realty Partners has the expertise and dedication to take you through this challenging process.  The partners and staff of Smith Realty Partners have collectively developed more than 5 million sq. ft. of commercial office, industrial and retail space.  True to our belief that we take your Real Estate needs personally, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you throughout the development process.  We work with architects, general contractors, sub contractors and city officials to ensure your project is of the highest quality, within budget and delivered within predetermined time frames.  At Smith Realty Partners, the job is not finished until you are fully satisfied.



Challenging times in the commercial real estate arena are forcing banks to manage and attempt to sell an increasing number of foreclosed properties.  These are unwelcome tasks that carry high costs while consuming time that would be better invested in growing the institution’s core business.  Smith Realty Partners stands ready to assume that burden with property management expertise and sales experience that are best in class and added-value qualities that separate us from our competitors.  Our focus is a one-on-one, human approach to doing business.  For banks, the organizational tangible and intangible assets we bring to bear promise the quickest possible sale of a foreclosed property, with cost-effective management in the meantime.


Construction Supervision

Smith Realty Partners is a relatively young organization, but the partners themselves share long experience in the commercial real estate industry.  We know good construction when we see it and we know which contractors and suppliers can deliver on their promises on time and on budget.  We also know a few that can’t.  Our Construction Supervision team is guided by this experience, but also by values that contribute greatly to the smooth running of the projects they oversee.  We work withnot simply for our clients.  Similarly, while painstaking in our project oversight, our approach in that arena is equally “high touch.”  The objective is to get the project done right.  The bonus is parting as friends.